Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for various products and services are as follows: 

Meal Plan Program

The meal plan program has a built in 14 day trial, meaning that the customer has 14 days after signing up for the program to try the program without payment. The customer must contact The Holistic Highway within the 14 day trial window and request cancellation in order to not be charged after the trial period is over. Customer can notify The Holistic Highway of cancellation by following the "Cancel Plan" link in their meal plan portal. 

After the 14 day trial period, the customer can cancel at any time and will not be charged any future payments in accordance to the payment plan they selected. If customer signs up for a monthly plan, they will not be charged any future monthly payments after the requested date of cancellation. For customers that purchase a year long plan, the customer will continue to have access to their plan for the remaining time left on their year long program. 

Ayurveda Cleanse

The Ayurveda Cleanse program can be cancelled with a full refund within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours of purchase, all sales are final and no refund requests will be approved.

Caravan, Limo and Personal Chauffeur Programs


By signing the Membership Agreement upon purchase of the Caravan, Limo or Personal Chauffeur Programs  you authorize the company to charge your credit card or debit card, or cash your check as payment for your membership in the Program. See services page for current for Pay in Full Fee and the Payment Plan options. Furthermore you agree that you are responsible for full payment of fees for the entire 12 (twelve) month course of the Program, regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the Program, and regardless of whether you have selected a lump sum or monthly payment plan. To further clarify, no refunds are will be issued and all monthly payments must be made on a timely basis. 


We are committed to providing all Program participants with a positive program experience. By signing the membership agreement, you agree that the Company may, at its sole discretion terminate this Agreement, and limit, suspend, or terminate your participation in the Program without refund or forgiveness of monthly payments if you become disruptive or difficult to work with, if you fail to follow the Program guidelines, or if you impair the participation of the Program instructors, or participants in the Program. If the Company terminates the agreement, it will give a pro-rata refund based upon the time left, or, in the case of monthly payments, not collect on future payments.