Experience True Health with AN Ayurvedic Practitioner

It's never been easier to be sick. The daily rigors of life in the 21st century create tremendous stress on our bodies and take a serious toll on our health. This problem is compounded with unhealthy foods, sedentary careers, and a culture of medicine that treats the symptoms, not the underlying causes.

We are all different. We have different genes, live in different environments, and have different responsibilities. Why is it then, that modern healthcare treats us all the same?

Put another way, instead of prescribing Tylenol for a headache we prefer to find out why you are having headaches to begin with. Using the principles of Ayurveda, along with the amazing advances of modern technology, we work with you to discover what makes you, you in order to determine the underlying cause of your health problems. This allows us to create a completely personalized treatment plan designed to get you back in great health.

This is medicine as it is supposed to be. Simple, thoughtful and tailored to you. It's Ayurveda, it’s genetic testing, it’s long-term partnership, and it's the key to great health and in turn a great life.  It's not always easy, nothing so impactful ever is, but it is simple. As simple as taking one step, the first step down the road to great health.



 Join us on this road. THis highway.

Welcome to The Holistic Highway

To learn more about the lifestyle and diet changes that are best for your dosha, schedule a complimentary consultation with Kerry Harling, certified Ayurvedic Practitioner at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Integrative Medicine, TED speaker and the founder of The Holistic Highway. Don't know your dosha? Take our quiz!