Ayurveda is a comprehensive medical system that is 5,000 years old. It is the system of medicine from which Chinese as well as classical western medicine has arisen. Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’ and it is considered the oldest surviving treatment system in the world.


Ayurveda is a very effective system due to it's primary principle of identifying and treating the underlying cause of an ailment instead of just the symptoms. Treatment is customized based on the individual, because medicine isn't "one-size fits all." It's roots are from ancient India, and it has been used for thousands of years for all sorts of ailments and disorders. Thousands of people around the globe have turned to Ayurveda and today Ayurveda is popular all over the world. Hospitals and clinics offer it, the media reports on it, researchers examine it, and people love it. Ayurveda has stood the test of time; people continue to practice it privately and openly, from little clinics in India to large clinics  all over the world. The secret is out – ‘It works.’

Its full effectiveness will depend on various considerations, including the age and state of health of the individual, how much effort they are willing to put into making the necessary changes toward better health, and how compliant they are with taking their formulas and following the recommended guidelines. Since an Ayurvedic regimen is very individualized, its results will depend on individual factors as well, and on follow-up treatments, since adjustments and close supervision are absolutely necessary to obtain optimal results.


What do dry skin, cracking joints, anxiety and constipation have in common? And what do acid indigestion, competitiveness, anger, diarrhea and some eye conditions show?

Most of these symptoms aren’t considered particularly serious from a western medical view. You might mention them to your doctor, take some over the counter drugs, drink some herbal tea or then again, you might not even think to talk about them because nothing is ‘wrong’.

Not so in Ayurveda! Ayurveda recognizes all of these as sub-clinical expressions of imbalance that, left unchecked, may become more serious.


With my help, you’ll begin to see the connections between seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms and the underlying causes of imbalance. Once identified, sometimes just a few simple changes in the foods we eat or our daily habits can get rid of these symptoms. Not all are easily or quickly fixed but it’s surprising what can happen when you start on the path to balance.

More and more people are turning to Ayurveda, as, like you, they are no longer willing to blindly medicate symptoms without first diagnosing and treating the cause of their health problems. 

If you are looking for better alternatives than powerful drugs, hormones and other invasive techniques that just treat symptoms and are  instead focused on identifying and fixing the actual cause of your symptoms then you have come to the right place.


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