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How do I determine my Metabolic Constitution?

Take this fun short dosha questionnaire below to determine your metabolic constitution. Once determined you can use this information to make lifestyle choices that are best for suited for you.

Please check all the answers that apply to you. If any part of that answer is true, then check it. Answer the questions based upon your long-term tendencies and not according to just how you feel today. You may need to ask someone who knows you really well. As with all self-reporting questionnaires, you are answering based on what you think rather than necessarily what you are. The best way to determine your metabolic constitution, or your dosha, is to have a trained Ayurveda Practitioner determine it through your pulse.

1 Which of these best describes your frame?

Select all that apply


I'm lean and thin and don't normally have any trouble with weight gain.(V)

I'm athletic and muscular with a well-proportioned frame.(P)

I'm full-bodied and tend to be ample in build.(K)

2 Select the phrase that most suits you.

Select all that apply

I lose weight easily and sometimes even have difficulty putting weight on.(V)

My weight is fairly stable and doesn't tend to change much.(P)

If I even look at a candy-bar, I put on five pounds!(K)

3 What best describes your skin type?

Select all that apply

I have dry skin that tends to tan easily.(V)

I have warm, oily skin with freckles that burns easily in the sun.(P)

I have soft, smooth skin that is oily and cool, I have a tendency to burn in the sun.(K)

4 Select your hair type.

Select all that apply

My hair tends to be dry.(V)

My hair is fine and thin.(P)

My hair is thick and wavy.(K)

5 My facial features are:

Select all that apply


Narrow & long.(V)

Angular & pointed.(P)

Round & full.(K)

6 Tell me a little about your skin temperature.

Select all that apply

I tend towards cold hands and feet that are often dry.(V)

My hands and feet are often warm and sweaty.(P)

I have cool, damp hands and feet.(K)

7 My least favorite kind of weather is:

Select all that apply


Cold weather.(V)

Hot weather.(P)

Damp weather.(K)

8 Which best describes your appetite?

Select all that apply

I tend to eat quickly and am sometimes ravenous and sometimes forget about food.(V)

I can eat almost anything, and when I am hungry watch out! Do not get between me and my food!(P)

I can skip meals, but I love to eat!(K)

9 Tell me a little about your saving habits:

Select all that apply

I like to shop and spend money.(V)

I do like to save but I also tend to be a big spender on luxury items.(P)

I am really good at saving and prefer not to spend money.(K)

10 What are your energy levels like?

Select all that apply


I'm like a humming-bird; Sometimes I have lots of energy for short periods of time, although I tire easily.(V)

I'm like a tortoise; I have a steady amount of energy but when I'm tired will use my determination to push myself through.(P)

I'm like a sled-dog; It takes me a little to get going, but once motivated I have the energy of a marathon runner!(K)

11 Which of these qualities applies to you? You may need to ask someone.

Select all that apply

I am a bit of a chatterbox(V)

I am always ready to help anyone and in fact find it hard to say no.(K)

I am always pretty happy.(K)

I tend to have an opinion with just about everything.(P)

I am very shy.(V)

I am a bit of a perfectionist.(P)

12 Which best describes you under stress?

Select all that apply

It's easy for me to get stressed and I become anxious or worried.(V)

I become irritable, intense, aggressive and I can get really angry under stress.(P)

It takes a lot to get me stressed, but when stressed I become withdrawn and depressed.(K)

13 Tell me about your attitude.

Select all that apply

I am flexible, changeable and quick. I can also be indecisive.(V)

I am ambitious, competitive, organized and intense.(P)

I am calm and peaceful, I am also methodical and patient.(K)

14 Which best describes how you feel when threatened?

Select all that apply

I want to run. Get me outta here!(V)

Let's have it out. I love a good fight!(P)

Let's make peace. I hate confrontation.(K)

15 Which action best describes how you express affection?

Select all that apply


With words.(V)

With gifts.(P)

With touch.(K)

16 Tell me about your memory.

Select all that apply

I have a short attention span. I learn quickly and forget quickly.(V)

I can recall the important things. Especially if I am in an argument.(P)

I am like an elephant. I never forget.(K)

17 Sleep is so important; generally what is your sleep like?

Select all that apply

I am a light sleeper and often wake up around 2AM and find difficulty getting back to sleep.(V)

I sleep well for 6-8 hours although it is sometimes difficult for me to get to sleep.(P)

I sleep long and deep. I love my bed!(K)

18 Tell me a little about your attitude towards routine.

Select all that apply

Routine? What routine? I hate routines!(V)

Don't have a set routine, but I'm well organized and tend to have a plan for almost everything. In fact, I have several "to-do" lists going.(P)

Routine is great. I work really well with routine.(K)