Whether you just want great resources, a community to be a part of or a one on one program to guide you on the road to health, there is a program that is ideal for you.


The inspiration behind the Personal Chauffeur Program is this: I’m more than your driver along The Holistic Highway, I am your personal guide, your confidant, your practitioner and your mentor for a new healthy, happy life.

There is more and more evidence that healthy living and healthy behavior choices don’t just increase lifespan, reduce disease risk, and increase your physical well-being, but that healthy choices also improve your quality of life.

Things like more energy for work and personal relationships, and more money from reduced medical costs. Even if you aren’t motivated to better your health now, you will be, because those who don’t have time for their health today will have to make time later in life. The missing piece, however, is how to help people achieve this. No one has been able to really implement a definitive program of long-term, sustainable, healthy behavior change, until now.


My name is Kerry Harling and I am a holistic health practitioner. I believe there is a fundamental flaw in our current medical system. We treat the symptoms without trying to understand the underlying cause of these symptoms. Instead of taking sleeping pills to go to sleep, why don’t we figure out why you are having trouble sleeping in the first place and correct the underlying problem?

Let’s treat problems not symptoms. It will lead to incredible changes!

Imagine waking up with limitless energy? Imagine being healthy, fit, and vibrant? Imagine no more chronic pain? Imagine having stable energy levels all day long, no crashing at the end of the day Well you don’t have to imagine. It’s the life of someone in optimal health, and the life of my 1-1 clients after the Personal Chauffeur Program.

Drawing on experience and expertise in Ayurveda, nutrition, physical activity and exercise, mind body balance and stress management – this plan is designed as your personalized blueprint to transform you as you travel down the road to ultimate health and vitality.

Here is what The Personal Chauffeur Program encompasses:

  • An initial two-four hour consultation to review your medical history and lifestyle information including a discussion of health concerns and health goals. – With Kerry Harling
  • A Personalized Transformational Wellness Plan based upon an Ayurvedic diagnosis of your symptoms and imbalances. Plan is multifaceted and broken down into exercise support, lifestyle support, herbal support, stress support and mental acuity support.
  • Treatment plan detailing time frames to introduce healing foods for your individual type.
  • A personalized recipe booklet detailing healing foods that are right for your constitution for each season.
  • Kerry’s delicious and simple recipes that created specifically for your metabolic type.
  • Your master food list to wellness + your incompatible and unsafe foods list.
  • Personalized exercise regime designed for success that responds to changes throughout the year.
  • Bi-Weekly 20 minute check-ins via Skype or phone to help support you when you need it most. – With Junior Ayurveda Practitioner.
  • Unlimited email support from a Junior Ayurveda Practitioner (to be answered on Wednesdays and Fridays).
  • 2, one-hour consultations to review your progress, treatment plan and modify as necessary. – With Kerry Harling
  • 10% off any herbs and oils.
  • 1-year of complimentary access to the Drivers Ed Membership Site, including the online forum. ($300 value)
  • 25% off any and all of my workshops! AND a guaranteed spot. Workshops fill up quickly, this plan guarantees a spot no matter how full or what the cost. All workshops are available online for your convenience. A tremendous value.


"I've lost 21 pounds since we last met 7 months ago, and am still on the program. However, I don't consider it a "program" so much as a lifestyle change. My cholesterol has gone down 150 points and my blood pressure is normal for the first time in a long time, resulting in my not having to take medication any longer. The entire process has really been quite a no-brainer. I also walk two miles a day and have started doing yoga, which I'm sure has also contributed to the success." - Jessie, Hershey

"Kerry...This is above and beyond anything I ever expected. Thank you so much. I am deeply touched and appreciative of all the time you put into this. With love and gratitude!" - Carol, Cape Cod

"I really felt like I had a personal nutritional coach. The fact that Kerry showed me directly, what foods/supplements I could choose from, was incredible to me - it has made following the food program I was given easy - and so I have! Kerry also gave me simple morning breathing and stretching exercises that have helped with the digestive problems that I have experienced for most my life." - Amanda, PA

"Thank you Kerry for everything - the little gifts you brought me along the way, the time you took to answer all my questions, recommending I read (Balance you life/ balance your hormones?), the yoga and your availability for guidance - it all adds to the joy of living "cleaner" every day. And for that, I am grateful..." - Lee, Harrisburg

"Having finished my 1 month start-up, I'm feeling great, and my skin has cleared back up. I am much more finely attuned to noticing the foods and situations that cause me stress and the things I can do to ground myself back down. At this point, the only thing that makes sense to me is to continue on as I have been doing for the past month. I can't thank you enough for your help." - Leigh Ann Handel, Pittsburgh

I understand that is a significant commitment, but if you are worried about the price I will simply ask: Can you afford to not take care of your mental and physical health?

The cold hard truth is we only get one body, it is imperative that we treat it well. If we don’t it can lead to wide array of health problems including increased likelihood of terminal disease, decreased life expectancy and a decreased quality of life. I don’t mean to be alarming, these are just the facts of the situation. Even if you decide not to sign up for my program, I strongly urge you to take care of your health! Do it for yourself, for your family, and for your loved ones.

Living in optimal health is such a transformational thing! I used to have a myriad of health problems myself, and life wasn’t easy (you can learn more about my story here), but now? Now I wake up everyday feeling fantastic and invigorated by everything life has to offer, as do my clients. If you are ready to take the next step, and need a guide along the way, then you came to the right place.


The price for the year-long Personal Chauffeur Program is $3,750 or $1,562 per month for 3 months.



For starters, this isn’t a cleanse where you do nothing but drink prune juice for a month. Nor is it some “secret” new ingredient discovered by doctors that will magically make you lose 30 pounds, have the skin of a 20 year old, earn an extra 50k a year and be able to run a 4 minute mile. No it’s something much more truthful, which is what makes it so powerful. Look around you, you don’t have the same hair, skin or nose than someone else do you? You don’t have the same liver, lungs or brain. Therefore to assume we should all eat the same foods, do the same exercise or take the same medication when we are sick is ludicrous isn’t it? Yet that’s what we do!

This cleanse works because it isn’t one-size-fits all but because it is customized based on your metabolic type.

The cleanse starts with a diagnostic quiz which allows us to determine what your constitution is. Once your unique constitution is uncovered you will be granted access to the cleanse for you.


From Here On Out You Are Going To Look At Yourself Differently Than Ever Before.

The effect is transformative. Typical benefits include improved skin, sleep, digestion, energy, and mental clarity with a reduction in bloating, constipation, headaches, and joint pain.


  1. The Online Resources. The cleanse is a powerful Ayurvedic tool where I give you advanced strategies and techniques that you can access right away from anywhere in the world.
  2. An invite To The Ayurveda Anti Aging Cleanse Online Group. Sign up today and receive an invite to the exclusive Online Group where you will be invited to get to know an amazing community of people on the same journey as you.
  3. The Anti-Aging Walking Tour Webinars. Part of the Ayurveda Anti Aging Cleanse Online Program is my Webinar series where I walk you through the three phases of the cleanse. I call them my walking tour because I literally walk you through the cleanse like I would if I were working with you one on one! You will watch each phase at the start of the week so that you know exactly what to do. And of course, if you have any questions, we are in the forum ready to help!
  4. The Anti-Aging Workbook. You will also be using the Anti-Aging Workbook to track your progress. If you haven’t done it yet, you’ll start by taking the metabolic Questionnaire and the Toxin Impact Quiz so you know how many toxins are sneaking into your diet and the overall impact it is having on you. The Work book lays out every step you need to take daily, which means your meals, shopping lists, handouts to make detoxing easy, suggested breathing techniques and suggestions for daily balance are all laid out for you.
  5. The New You Incompatible Foods List. There are some foods that no matter your metabolic constitution will cause digestive toxins. Digestive toxins means sluggish digestion, brain fog, aching joints, insomnia, fatigue, gas and bloating. It’s just as important to know which foods to avoid as it is to know which foods are right for your metabolic type.
  6. The Ayurveda Anti-Aging Journal. One of my number one success strategies is to journal. So, I’ve included a daily journal so you can keep track of what you are eating and how you are feeling. You will also track your energy levels, your quality of sleep, and your emotional state. It is so empowering to connect the dots between your food, your mood and your energy level and see that you are making the right decisions for your metabolic type.
  7. The Fat-Loss Exercise Program. One of my favorite strategies for controlling cravings and to help you shift into an efficient fat-burner is exercise. But not just any exercise. In fact, the wrong exercise can make you crave sweets and fats and crash your energy. When I created this cleanse I also created an exercise regime specifically focused on improving your body’s ability to digest food efficiently and make you into an efficient fat burner based upon my easy yoga sequence. It’s simple, fast and easy to do anywhere whether you work out at home, on the road or at a gym. Your exercise regime will meet you right where you are – whether you are just starting out or have been exercising for years. Your exercise regime will be based upon your metabolic type – so you can’t do it wrong!
  8. This Cleanse Was Created For Busy People, Just Like You And Me, who want more energy, need a concrete plan, desire less stress, and want recipes at their fingertips. (I’ve done all the work for you. Now you just need to come on board).

And by the way... if you are already thinking of all these reasons why you can’t do this right now: "it's my birthday", "I’m going on a trip", "it's the weekend" -just know that's the side of you that hates change. It takes courage to change. I have had people do the cleanse on a cruise, during Christmas and New Year’s, and on their birthday... and now is the time for you to take the reins on your health so that you can live the life you are truly meant to live with focus, clarity, great energy, and vitality.


  • Weight Loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Digestion
  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Clarity
  • A Fresh Start!

Don't Just Take My Word For It:

"The first time I met Kerry, she said something about drinking hot water first thing in the morning before having anything else.  I started doing this about a month ago.  Let me tell you, it was the most amazing thing ever! I have never been regular in my entire life, but now I go just about every day!  I still can't believe it, but one thing is for sure, I will never stop drinking hot water!  Thank you Kerry!" - Beth, Palmyra

"I am so appreciative of the whole experience ~ Thank You Kerry for facilitating so skillfully and kindly. I enjoyed every phase, my favorite was the pre-cleanse though I didn't realize it at the time! I am right now loving getting back into my normal eating habits, and realizing that I'm eating less food and getting full! I love that! The cleanse experience forced me to pay attention and I'm still feeling that depth. And Kerry, the reflection guidance was genius ~ just right, well done! I plan to continue with seasonal cleanses - this experience was the perfect entrance to the rest of life! Thank You Kerry! Namaste." - Rebecca Moyer, Harrisburg

"Hi!  I am having another amazing week!  I feel so much better after the cleanse. I feel so happy and uplifted. I put makeup on for the first time in a long time on Monday.  I looked into the mirror and actually told myself that I looked beautiful!  I have never done that!  This cleanse has been an eye-opener for me.  I intend to eat as good as I can from now on!" - Beth, Hershey


Our Three Weeks will look like this:

Week One: Setting Up For Success
The first week will introduce you to The Anti-Aging Nutritional Program. The focus for week one is to RESET your diet. You will learn which foods to increase and which foods to decrease as you ease into the program. You will receive all of the information that you need and will be fully prepared and ready to MAXIMIZE your results.

Week Two: Pre-Cleanse
While other cleanses set you up to deal with intense cravings rivaling hard core drug addiction, Kerry gives you foolproof instructions on how to do the day by day Reset part of the cleanse in a painless and easy way. Ayurveda realizes that you don’t have to starve to give your body a good reset. In fact, starving is one of the surest ways to send the body into emergency mode. In this mode, the body clings to fat as a survival fuel, clinging to the toxins right along with it. The truth is, the body has to feel safe to effectively burn fat and detoxify. Through a nourishing diet and some proven lifestyle techniques that anyone can do, we will disarm the central nervous system by convincing it that the stress war is over and it’s safe to burn fat and release old toxins.

Week Three: Cleanse
We are kicking the cleanse into high gear. There is NO DEPRIVATION this week. You will be enjoying a plant-based, nourishing FEAST. You will know what to eat, what to drink and what to expect. This will be an AMAZING week of knowledge and growth. You will also learn self-care strategies to PAMPER YOURSELF and to assist your body in cleansing toxins. You are learning how to take care of YOU!

Week Four: Post-Cleanse
This is the week that you meet your new HEALTHIER lifestyle. You will learn to slowly and gradually incorporate what you have learned and discover the eating style that best serves the NEW YOU!

Think about much are your poor decisions costing you?

Of course there are the obvious financial costs of the snacks, the sweets, the fast foods out and the quick little pick-me-up treats. Then there is the bigger emotional cost to your self-esteem and your self-confidence every time you break that promise to yourself that today is going to be different. And the quality of life cost – not just from the fatigue, the poor focus, the joint pain, but also to your family, your friends, those you work with because you can’t live your life full out. And what about the high cost of vitamins and health care – the prescriptions for diabetes and blood pressure, the heartburn meds, the meds for anxiety and depression. You might not have them yet, but if you stay on this road it is just a matter of time. The costs are way too high to wait till tomorrow. This cleanse works, it’s already helped hundreds of people, and it can change your life too.

All the tools you need to succeed

I’ve gathered the most powerful set of tools out there to SUPORT you. The Anti-Aging Cleanse is something you CAN afford to do. You CAN do this and you can get started IMMEDIATELY. For less than a hundred dollars YOU WILL RECIEVE all of the tools. You are only 1 click away from all the support for reaching your goals. This time it’s different – this time we take into account your metabolic type and design a program just for you.

SIGNING UP FOR THE PROGRAM IS EASY-heres what to expect when you join today:

  • Join a community of like-minded friends that inspire you and transform your life.
  • Get introduced to Kerry’s expert’s, so you get the inside access to the fastest working, most efficient health advice.
  • Learn how to make the right choices for your metabolic type when deciding what to shop for, eat, and cook for yourself and family.
  • Start feeling and looking younger, reclaiming your health and having energy ALL day.
  • People will start asking you, “Wow, you are looking great. How did you do it?” (You’ll know).


"I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to ayurveda! I'm amazed at how quickly my body responded to the changes I made in my diet. I feel fantastic! The Spring cleanse was another new thing for me to try and I am so glad I participated. It really allowed me to be more mindful of what I was putting in my body each day. I do believe it will be something I will carry forward next Spring. THANK YOU!" - Tracey Calhoun, Harrisburg

"My skin has not been this clear since before puberty. I am so grateful." - Leigh Ann, Take Yoga-Pittsburgh

"Initially I was very hesitant going on a detoxifying mono-diet and how that would fit into my busy and hectic schedule. I found that it was very easy and I do like the taste and texture of the Kitchari! I feel great and could feel the immediate effect of changing my diet and lifestyle for the better. Thank you Kerry!!" - Joan Werleman, DDS

The Anti-Aging Online Cleanse - The easiest way to feel energized, slim, and vibrant in just 3 weeks.
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