Welcome To YOUR Ayurveda Cleanse

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The Ayurveda Cleanse is a rallying cry for anyone who has looked in the mirror and not liked what they have seen. Why a cleanse from an Ayurvedic point of view? Because I’m a firm believer all roads to perfect health – and a youthful look – begin with your mindset and your diet is the most important factor in creating that mentality. Food is information, after all; it gives your body the fuel it needs to survive (and, ideally thrive) and creates the connection between what you think and what you do, and how you feel. What you eat directly impacts how you experience life and nourish your body’s needs all the way down to your waistline. And this darlings is the essence of Ayurveda. By going through the Ayurveda  21 day program – you will experience this for yourself.

More and more, I treat people who have tried everything to reclaim the health they once had and who fall victim to fad diets and questionable health practices that seriously compromise their physical wellbeing, and it shows on their face too. With premature aging, dark circles under the eyes, breakouts, and drying of the skin – it’s clear that premature aging shows on the face first.  

I hear the complaints daily: extra pounds, brain fog, mood mania, low energy, digestive disorders, poor sleep, headaches, low libido, depression, burnout, and signs of ongoing inflammation such as sore joints or relentless allergies. They look in the mirror and see a lack-luster skin, dull eyes and dry, flat hair. 

The irony in all this is that many of these people are indeed active – they lead healthy lifestyles yet fail to experience vibrant health. Well, the reason is that all these conditions have a surprising common denominator: a weak digestive “fire”.

You are about to join me in the fight against poor digestion because if you don’t keep your digestive fires burning cleanly, you increase inflammation which increases the aging process. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, if the digestive forces inside us are correctly balanced with the surrounding environment, we can be immune to illness, immune to inflammation and retain a youthful body and mindset. Perfect balance makes for perfect health and that’s exactly the premise from which the Ayurveda Program is born.

I’m excited to get you started, so without further ado, let’s begin with an understanding of how you are going to return life to your body with life from food. Part of this lesson entails busting myths that circle the nutrition world today, and another part involves you figuring out through some fun and simple quizzes which type of digestive fire you have, so you can then maximize the rewards of the cleanse. 

I know you can do this. It doesn’t matter how often you’ve failed following other programs in the past or how much you doubt you may have in the effectiveness of Ayurveda. What matters is that you focus on your goals and have faith that vibrant health awaits you.  

Get ready to look and feel your best.


Start your Ayurveda Cleanse with the Walking Tour, a series of four video webinars that get you set up for success and takes you step by step through each cycle of the Anti-Aging Program.   Each video is accompanied by the handouts Kerry mentions and wherever possible we have included links to products or services she recommends in the classes.