Phase Two: Cleanse.  Here comes the main part of the program. It’s time to put it all to the test. But I’ve made this really easy. You won’t have to do any math or second guessing as to what exactly you are supposed to eat during the next 7 days. Your taste buds will recover to their sensitive selves after years of being dulled by toxins like undigested foods, sugar and processed foods heavy in salt and fat.  

You will take back control by resetting your digestive firewhich means cravings will no longer dominate your life.  Not to mention all the ails that can melt away once the population of microbes partying in your gut gets back into balance now that you are re-balancing. Watch how your skin clears up, your eyes get brighter and your hair takes on a lustrous glow. Did you take a before pic? 

Here's What you Need To Be Set Up For Success

What You’ll Need

If you already printed this document, you won't need the individual handout.  As with any nutritional program, you will need some supplies. Here, Kerry has broken up your supply list into what you’ll need for each phase, followed by a short list of supplies you’ll need across all 21 days. 

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Phase Two-Getting Started

One of the most important factors for getting the most out of this Phase –The Cleanse is to create a stress-free rhythm to your week and opportunities for deep relaxation. Here is what you can do. 

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Day By Day Guide

Here are some examples of how you can create your next 7 days’ worth of meals during The Cleanse.  You can choose to follow this menu exactly or create your own based upon the guidelines given. Remember, during the cleanse – it’s pretty simple. kitchari, kitchari, kitchari, Yum!

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Supportive Habits

Sometimes we just need to know the habits to encourage. Here is a list of healthy habits that will be great – not just for the Cleanse program but to carry forward for life to keep you energized and full of zest.

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The Hunger Meter

How can we gauge hunger effectively? Use Kerry’s Hunger Meter as a tool. It’s a simple method for checking in with your body and tuning into your true or false state of satiety.

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Teas & Spices

What teas and spices are good for your metabolic type? Which ones will work with your unique constitution to help remove inflammation, make you into an efficient fat-burner and work with your foods to make you feel healthy and full of zip.

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Making Ghee

One of Ayurveda’s super-foods. A natural pro-biotic, a deep nourisher of the digestive system and with an amazing  ability to cool the central nervous system. Watch the video here of how to make your own ghee.


Daily Exercise

Movement is such an important part of staying flexible and youthful. This daily group of exercises moves synovial fluid to all the major joints of the body.. Keep flexible, long and lean. with just a few movements daily.  Learn how to move joyously each day! 


Recipes for The Cleanse Phase

What are the best foods for your metabolic type for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What kitcharis can you have for each meal. Take a look at these easy and delicious recipes. 

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Daily Health Tracker

 What you can measure, you can improve. I hope you are tracking your weight, your energy levels, your sleep and your emotions as well as your food. Are you starting to feel better? Can you already measure how things are changing? 

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What To Do Next

You got the details on how to use superfoods to cleanse and detoxify. You are feeling lighter and brighter and more energized. You may have noticed your sleep has improved and any digestive issues have decreased. Perhaps you feel calmer, more stable and less irritable. Looking in the mirror- what do you see? Are you exhibiting a glow – a fresher look, a spring to your step? Now it is time to move on to Class 4 where Kerry walks you through the Post-Cleanse. It’s all about transitioning into a non-cleansing diet and lifestyle. This is one of the most important phases of your cleanse. We will learn how to re-enter the non-cleansing world without shocking the system.