Class One: Preparation:  This class sets you up for success by asking you to imagine a day in the life of your kitchen sink. Faithfully on a daily basis, it drains away your wastewater and leftovers. Now imagine what would start happening if the pipes were blocked and the water wasn’t flowing. Can you see the sludge building up from the vegetable rinds, the uneaten toast, the kid’s cereal, and the oil from yesterday’s cookout? Can you smell the rotten stagnation and toxicity if all this just sat there for three months? Are you disgusted yet? Then you see the need for the Ayurveda Cleanse. 

You'll learn about the principles behind an Ayurvedic Cleanse, and get practical tips for scrubbing away the sludge with supportive herbs and a high fiber, low-fat diet. This will also thin the bile, which will help decongest the liver and pancreatic ducts, which become congested over time. We’ll also be opening up the detox channels and getting them cleared and ready to remove toxins in the next phase. Think of this phase as pushing back the curtains, opening the windows wide, and getting ready to do some deep cleaning.

The next phase, Phase 1, which lasts approximately 7 days is when we get into fat metabolism – the mechanism by which we will coax toxins out of the fat cells and into the colon for elimination. During this phase, we again boost the liver and gallbladder function and continue to reset all aspects of digestion and elimination. This phase supports healthy lymphatic flow, balanced blood sugar and resets your ability to burn fat-soluble toxins after this program is over.  We age prematurely and create disease because of inflammation. Inflammation is caused because we are not efficient fat burners.

 In the Phase 2  and 3– once the digestive system is cleaned out, we’ll focus on stoking and resetting the digestive fire so that you become an efficient fat-burner and learn which foods literally trigger you to store more FAT and increase inflammation. It’s inflammation that causes disease and prematurely ages us . This phase is also your antidote to the binge-after- fasting phenomenon. It’s so easy to come off a nutritional reset only to indulge in hard-to-digest toxic foods again, which can make you feel worse than when you started. This phase is designed to make sure that your re-entry into every day foods isn’t a shock to you or your digestion. 

Plus, Kerry will break down your metabolic type for you and give you a brief overview of each of the cycles that we will dive into in the next classes.

Here's What you Need To Be Set Up For Success

Below you will find the information you will need to be set for success. There are two ways to get the documents you need. You can download the ENTIRE workbook and find the corresponding sheets within that document. Or you can print the forms you need as you go through the course. Keep in mind that if you print the entire workbook, you can click on the downloads of the individual documents to view them and confirm you are on the correct page in the workbook. To join the private FaceBook group just click on the link and we will see you there.

The Ayurveda Cleanse Workbook

The Ayurveda Cleanse Workbook with be your guide and journal as you progress through the program.  Printing this one document now will save you from having to print out all the individual handouts in each cycle.  The Metabolic Quiz, the Toxin Impact Quiz, and The Daily Health Tracker, as well as the Incompatible Sneaky Food Combinations are not included in this workbook – but are listed separately.

Click the image to the left or click HERE to download.

Metabolic Type Quiz

Take the Quiz now to determine your metabolic type which is your blueprint.  We have all three metabolic types that make up us, but we each have them in unique combinations. This unique combination is what creates YOU and is the reason why Ayurveda is highly individualized. This answers the question ‘Who am I?”

Click the image to the left or click HERE to take quiz.

Guide to Stocking Your Ayurveda Pantry

 As a medical system, Ayurveda is based on knowing your metabolic type. Once you know your type you can steer yourself towards consuming the foods that not only keep your body, mind, and sexy spiritual self in balance, but also ward off brewing illness, disease and premature aging. Pretty incredible, right?

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What You Will Need to Get Started

As with any program, you will need some supplies. Here, Kerry has broken up your supply list into what you’ll need for each phase, followed by a short list of supplies you’ll need across all 21 days. 

Click the image to the left or click HERE to download.

Incompatible Sneaky Food Combinations

In Ayurveda, there are certain food combinations that should be avoided. Remember, one of the causes of digestive toxins- which adds to inflammation (think achy joints, insomnia and gas and bloating) is incompatible foods. Let’s talk about these food combinations that just don’t mesh well.

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Daily Health Tracker

 What you can measure, you can improve. Track your weight, your energy levels, your sleep and your emotions as well as your food from the start.  You'll be glad you did!  Kerry also suggests that you take a "before" measure – because as we start feeling better – we often forget how bad things were. 

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What To Do Next

By now you are starting to see that your digestive fire is slowing things down, creating digestive toxins and creating inflammation. Now let's dive in deeper to find out how we can tune in to how your body is changing and feeling. You will start to recalibrate your body one day at a time and will see results really soon. So, take a deep breath, relax and get ready to discover a whole new you, the you that looks vibrant, healthy and youthful. 

Kerry will guide you on exactly how to start the Ayurveda Cleanse so that you don’t have to struggle with fatigue, achy joints, mind fog and premature wrinkles.