ayurvedic Treatment & Services

Everyone is different, and as such, your Ayurvedic treatment must reflect your individuality. 

Our year long programs have the built in support, guidance, one-on-one attention and community that you need to achieve optimal health. We have three distinct programs to accommodate your health needs, budget and level of personalized attention you desire. All our programs consist of a custom built wellness plan developed for you by CEO and Founder Kerry Harling. This plan is built with you, and only you in mind and is designed to get you healthy, happy, and full of vitality. 

This individual approach to health care is what makes Ayurveda effective in treating imbalances that create everything from mild headaches to cancer.

To discuss how Ayurveda can help improve multiple aspects of your life, schedule a consult with one of our practitioners today. 

Achieving your health goals, whether losing five pounds or beating Lyme Disease, requires a plan. Goals without a plan are wishes and we don't believe that wishing for results is how you achieve them. Permanent, positive transformation takes expertise, time, accountability, support, personalized attention and community. That's why our plans aren't really just "plans" at all. They are year-long partnerships. To see exactly what partnering with The Holistic Highway looks like, we welcome you to take a sneak peak at what it looks like on the road to great health. 


“I started by taking the quiz from a Face Book post, which lead me to Kerry and this awesome program.  I started end of April with my phone conference with Kerry, who went through my results on the quiz to completely lay out my specific type and program.  Then 1st of May I got started, Kerry kept in contact with me every week, which helped me stay accountable and encouraged.  The food we eat is so good and fresh, it truly is NOT a DIET, but just great FRESH eating that’s right for my metabolic type!  After only a week, I lost 5 lbs and that was eating quinoa and oatmeal and foods I wouldn’t normally be able to eat. I lost another 4 lbs, but it wasn't just the weight lose that came with this, it also was a mind renewing process that took place.  I was able to realize why and what my emotional eating triggers were and face those, process them, and be able to let them go to be free from them...this is still a process for me as I continue to work with Kerry.  We don't change completely over night, though we wish we could, it will take time! This process is a Life Change, not just another "Diet" plan. Clean Eating, Fresh and Clean foods not only heals your body of all the toxins and chemicals we have put into it, but it also is a healing of the heart, mind and soul, if you are willing to look at yourself truly and clearly.  I am so thankful to God for bringing Holistic Highway - The Ayurvedic Way of Eating and Kerry into my life.  Showing me a new perspective way to eating Clean for how God created "ME" to be, for a Healthy Life Style!”

Sincerely, Barbra Frahm

“I want to share something new with my friends that I have started for myself. Last month I had the pleasure of meeting an Ayurvedic practitioner, Kerry. Thank you Karen for bringing Kerry to our girl’s weekend. It was a great weekend and I learned so much. After listening to Kerry and doing some research I decided to give myself a birthday present that would change my life. I became one of Kerry’s client and April 30th I started a cleanse which consisted of 3 phases for a total of 13 days. This was not the type of cleanse most are familiar with. There are certain foods to eat pre-cleanse (phase1) and kitchari (phase 2) and phase 3, was getting back to eating foods that are right for me, my dosha. My what?! To put it easiest, Dosha is your metabolic constitution, your energy, your personality. Yesterday I finished the cleanse and so far lost a total of 10.8 pounds! In 13 days! This was amazing to me because I never felt hungry. I was not “dieting”, I was eating the right foods to help me restart my digestion, help me burn fat and of course, I continued exercise at Activate Fitness. Love this gym! And the best part, I feel SO good. I am so looking forward to learning this new lifestyle and all it has to offer. I decided to write a blog about this experience. Maybe I will inspire someone else. I feel that good!! This was the best birthday present I ever gave to myself.”

Fran Spine, New Jersey - 5/16